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Emergency Power System with LED Driver


LEDs-LUX's Emergency Power System is designed for LED Lighting work under Emergency Power. When Online Power Source is on, the LED Light can work at standard LED Driver, when Online Power Source is off, our Emergency Power Controller will turn-on Emergency Battery, and supply 25% to 100% Current to light the LED Light.


Some of countries have raletive laws and regulations required every office should have a light with Emergency Power System. Or the power supply in some of countries is not stable, so we have the Emergency Power Ssolution for LED Light use in office or Public Places.


- Emergency controller

- PWM Dimmable LED Driver

- Full range AC input (90Vac ~264Vac)

- Isolated power supply

- Constant current output

- Output current adjustable or by order

- Nickel-Cadmium battery

- 3 hour Emergency Power for 25%, 50% or 100% power load or brightness

- Built-in active PFC, PF>0.95 (With PFC Series)

- Protection: short circuit / overload / over voltage
- High efficiency (85% above)
- EMC standard: EN55015, PART15B/PART18
- CE / UL / EN6 1347-2-13

- RoHS compliance
- 100% full load burn-in test


Diagram for Emergency LED Power


LED-PWM-D30+E, 30W, 50% or 100% brightness

LED-PWM-D50+E, 50W, 50% or 100% brightness

LED-PWM-D64+E, 64W, 25% or 50% brightness

LED-PWM-D80+E, 80W, 25% or 50% brightness

Emergency LED Power for LED Panel Light


LED-PWM-D64-2+E, 32WX2, 50% or 100% brightness

LED-PWM-D64-4+E, 16WX4, 50% or 100% brightness