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PWM Dimmable LED Driver


Multiple high brightness LEDs should be powered with a constant current supply of 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1000mA, 1200mA, 2.0A, 2.5A or over depending on the type, if they are to be run at the optimum operating conditions to generate a uniform brightness and colour of light. This constant current module can be either incorporated in the LED lamp or mounted separately so that it can be just as easily installed or exchanged as any other conventional light fitting. However, these LED driver modules must have some particular qualities to be universally applicable.


LEDs-LUX's LED Driver has built an environment and reliability testing facility in order to optimize the products of the LED Driver family to meet this requirement. Our PWM Dimmable LED Driver are paaed the tests of environmental stresses such as high and low temperatures, rapid temperature changes, random wide bandwidth vibration and power cycling to uncover any material or process weaknesses and to be able to create meaningful forecasts about the product lifespan.


SGS Bauart Certification for PWM Dimmable LED Driver
SGS CE/LVD Certification for PWM Dimmable LED Driver
SGS CE/EMC Certification for PWM Dimmable LED Driver


- PWM Dimmable controlled

- Full range AC input (90Vac ~264Vac)

- Isolated power supply

- Constant current output

- Output current adjustable or by order

- Built-in active PFC, PF>0.95 (With PFC Series)

- Protection: short circuit / overload / over voltage
- High efficiency (85% above)
- EMC standard: EN55015, PART15B/PART18
- CE / UL / EN6 1347-2-13

- RoHS compliance
- 100% full load burn-in test


PWM Dimmable LED Driver with Single Output


LED-PWM-D30, 30W

LED-PWM-D50, 50W

LED-PWM-D64, 64W

LED-PWM-D80, 80W

PWM Dimmable LED Driver with Multi output


LED-PWM-D64-2, 32WX2

LED-PWM-D64-4, 16WX4