Office & Commercial uses LED Panel Lights & Dimming System

LED Torus Light --New!
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LED Turbo Light --Patented!


Pendant LED Turbo Light is new design with inside Light Circular Ring --Patented!


Inside light circular ring suitable for use in coffe shop, bar and restourant


T Type:


LED-PLP-TBL-T75, Ø750X150mm

LED-PLP-TBL-T60, Ø600X150mm

LED-PLP-TBL-T45, Ø450X150mm

LED-CLP-TBL-F75, Ø750X150mm

LED-CLP-TBL-F60, Ø600X150mm

LED-CLP-TBL-F45, Ø450X150mm


L Type:


LED-PLP-TBL-L60, Ø600X105mm

LED-PLP-TBL-L45, Ø450X105mm

LED-PLP-TBL-L38, Ø380X105mm

LED-CLP-TBL-L60, Ø600X105mm

LED-CLP-TBL-L45, Ø450X105mm

LED-CLP-TBL-L38, Ø380X105mm

Customer size by order are welcome.