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Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light
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Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light


The Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light system designed by LEDs-LUX is unique in several respects, and represents a hitherto unknown complete range of professional office lighting and some special lighting use.. Its use the Ultra-thin aluminium alloy construction and new material such as Light Guide Plate (LGP) with Nanophase Materials provides brilliant, glare-free lighting, inderect and hence perfect lighting conditions for your workstations and equipment lighting use.


Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light (LED-ULP)

Eco-Power Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light (LED-ULP-E)

Round Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light (LED-ULP-R)

Ultra-Thin LED Panel Ring Light (LED-ULP-CR)


Our Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light is design forglare-free light effect widely used in home, hotel, hospital, mall, office, classroom and conference rooms (ceiling recessed, pendant, ceiling mounted, wall mounted and so on). Our Ultra-thin LED Panel Light used SAMSUNG SMD, LCD back light technology and materia, high light output (>83lm/W) with thickness18mm only.

Powered by SAMSUNG LED or by order

LED TV technology

Light Guide Plate (LGP) by 3D V-Cut or Laser Dot Cut technology

Ultra-Thin with 16mm or 12mm thickness


LGP design and designsimulation by CAD


We use professional CAD Software to Design the Light Guide Panel (LGP) , LED Space and Light Effect accroding to diffirent production matheds: 3D V-Cut, Laser Dot Cut or Dot Print.

Light Effect Desinsimulation by CAD  
LGP design for V-CUT production  
LGP design for Laser Dot Cut and Dot Print.