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Pendant LED Torus Light --Patented!


The LED Torus Light system designed by LEDs-LUX is a complete range with Ø2.8m, Ø1.8m, Ø1.5m, Ø1.2m, Ø0.9m diameter special for comercial use. The LED Torus Light focus to use in lobby or great hall of Hotel, Airport, Train Station, Conference Center, Shopping Mall, etc. It's power by Samsung LED and PWM dimmer driver.


Commercial use types: General use types:

LED-PLP-TPL-T150, Ø1,500X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-T120, Ø1,200X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-T90, Ø900X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-G60, Ø600X150mm

LED-PLP-TPL-G75, Ø750X150mm

LED-PLP-TPL-G90, Ø900X150mm


Supersize types: Assemblied by End-User

LED-PLP-TPL-UA280, Ø2,800X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-UA180, Ø1,800X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-UA100, Ø1,000X250mm

LED-PLP-TPL-UA280, Ø2,800X250mm, 8 completed segments

LED-PLP-TPL-UA280, Ø1,800X250mm, 4 completed segments

LED-PLP-TPL-UA100, Ø1,000X250mm, complete whole ring

Customer size by order are welcome.