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Pendant LED Panel Light -Tubo --New!
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Pendant LED Tubo Light --New!


The pendant LED Tubo Light system designed by LEDs-LUX is a complete range with 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m standard length and linkable design with slot for continue line special for industrial comercial use. The pendant LED Ohm-Beam Light focus to use inindustrial production line, workshop and store, lobby or great hall of Hotel, Airport, Train Station, Conference Center, Shopping Mall, etc. It's power by Samsung LED and current constant LED Driver and dimmiable drivers


Linkable Type of Pendant LED Tubo Light, LED-PLP-TUL-D12X120, -D12X180, -D12X240 and D12XL


Patent Pending design

Powered by SAMSUNG LED or by order

Aluminum Profile

Transluscent PC Diffuser

No hot dot or shadows

Any size and amount link together with connect pins

Pendant LED Tubo Light, single use Pendant LED Tubo Light, multiple link use