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Suspension LED Panel Light -Hexagon --New!
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Hexagen LED Panel Light --New!


The Linear LED Circular Ring Light is complete range of professional cirlcular light for office light and some special light use.. Its use the aluminium proffile by rolling machine and tools and PC or PMMA diffuser to provides brilliant, glare-free lighting, inderect and hence perfect lighting conditions for your workstations and equipment lighting use.


Hexagen LED Panel Light, -H22.5(Ø450), -H30(Ø600), -H40(Ø800), -H50(Ø1,000) and -H60(Ø1,200mm) -New!


Powered by SAMSUNG LED or by order

Additional LED Backlight by order

Rolling Aluminium Frame

Aluminium Backplate

Transluscent Diffuser

No screws visiable overall